First, What is a Brand?

A brand is how a company wants to be perceived by its customers. It consists of a collection of assets and elements uniquely combined to convey a specific look, tone and message. The core element of a brand is the identity. Take a few of the strong brands shown below. They are immediately identifiable. You first see it, then you have a reaction to how that brand makes you feel. We firmly believe in first establishing an identity as the foundation of your brand. Without that, you’re already starting off on the wrong foot.


How an identity is born

Having the right information, vision and direction from its founder(s) is critical to the genesis of the identity. Nothing takes shape until extensive research and conceptual sketching is done. From there we refine those ideas into digital form, and, in collaboration with the brand owners, get the feedback needed to continue cultivating the design.


The Polish

Once we have retooled the design to the final revision we start to add the polish which makes up the identity. Customized typography, colors, and alternate layouts breathe life into the identity.


Wrapped in a Bowtie

At the end of everything, we add purpose to the identity with a brand story that brings everything full circle. This is where the “brand” begins to come to life and the assets and elements become more than pixels on a screen or ink on a page. It’s the deliberate reasoning behind what was executed and the “why” of your company’s existence. A true brand identity embodies your company vision. This not only helps your customers believe in you, but your team as well.


BRANDS We've DeveloPED

Here are a few companies we’ve been privileged to work with.


Let’s Get Started

Your companies brand is greater than the sum of it’s parts, but without them, it is nothing. Do you want just another pretty graphic with no substance or a solid foundation from which you can build your company image. We think it’s an easy choice, so let’s talk.

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