We Build Successful Startups

Startups are challenging. We know, we’ve been there (literally). They are also thrilling, disruptive, and insanely rewarding. To Codera, startup development is like taking a kid to a candystore. Meaning we love it. Whether ideation and branding, pitching and fundraising, web design and app development, we can help take your hot startup to the next level with our top US-based talent. Think of us as your technical cofounder, creative think tank and dev team in a box.

OUr Process

We’re more than just developers for your startup. We don’t intend to get hired for some web development and then split; our process is designed to develop your identity, refine your strategy, get your product to market and set you up for startup success.

Identity Discovery and Brainstorming

Creating or refining your brand identity and brand story are critical to the success of your startup. Your identity is more than just the look and feel of your product, but also the embodiment of the ‘why’ of your company’s existence. Establishing a clear identity is the foundation from which you will build your product strategy and customer perception.


Continuous Delivery

Once we have a clear product strategy and brand identity created we will begin design and development of your product. Our iterative development strategy means starting with a clearly defined MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and breaking down specific user stories that will establish our time-frame and milestone schedule. We mind-map the user experience by building personas of potential users and use-case scenarios.

From here, we build user flows and wireframes to map out the entire product experience from top to bottom. Once the UX is clearly outlined, UI (user interface) design proceeds with pixel-perfect beautiful designs; meanwhile developers are building back-end systems to support your product. As screens are completed those screens are handed off to our developers so the design and development process can proceed in tandem. This ensures your startup the quickest and most effective development process to get your MVP into the hands of your customers.


Business Incubation

While the identity and development are underway, we start looking at strategic angles to growth-hack your business to success before it even launches. We also help you find the right approach for product deployment, pricing of your product, marketing your release, sales structuring, pricing, etc. We want to ensure you have the right business model, structuring and strategy to give you the best opportunity at startup success.


Accelerated Launch

When the product is nearing launch we work with you to move forward at warp speeds in the final month. Whether this means a new app launch or a new website after web development, we want to ensure you make a splash and you’re set up for success. This period of time is when we finalize your product with QA and UAT while we prepare your startup for market launch. There will be crazy hours and brainpower going into this time period.


Growing Startup

As your startup becomes successful and starts to gain traction in the marketplace, Codera acts in an advisory role to assist your company growth. At Codera we are a panel of experts in the startup industry and know the growth phase is the most important decision making time for your startup.

Now you must continue to recruit quality talent, set your direction in stone and most importantly continue to innovate your product as you get customer feedback; all of this must occur while never losing focus on your company purpose and vision. Having a talented and committed team in place during this time can make or break your company.

Build Up

Investment, Mergers and Acquisitions

The time has come… Your startup is successful! Strategic companies in your market may want to acqui-hire your team, create a strategic partnership, merge with you or simply buy you out. It’s very important that you have all your assets properly managed, in place and papered up. The stronger you look on paper the more value you will have. Codera can advise you on which direction to take based on product offering, market conditions and the competition. Most importantly this is when you have won and now we help you maintain the largest margin of victory. Codera is here with your startup every step of the way.


Simple easy Steps

Does your great idea or startup have legs? Does it just need that little extra oomph to get it over the hump? We have a track record of working with startups and idea makers to craft everything you need to take your product or service to the next level. Here’s how you know if you’re someone we can help. Check out the list of things we’re looking for in a startup or idea. If you’re the right fit, let’s talk and get things moving!


A little Skin in the game

Have you already invested money into your idea? We are looking for startups who have money to put into their own project. Getting funding is a critical step in proving the validity of your business idea. Everyone needs skin in the game.


Passion is Power

Are you insanely passionate about your idea? Is it something you will see through 110%? Startups are like raising kids and require the investment of enormous amounts of time and energy. If you aren’t fully committed, your idea can fail.



Will your idea disrupt an industry or solve a big problem? Do you know the size of the potential market? All these questions are things you need to have answers to. If you answered yes to these questions, we’d love to learn about your startup.



Do you already have a team of talent helping you build your dream? Having a team already established can be a great asset to your idea’s success. Not that we require you to have one to work with Codera, but it is a HUGE plus. It shows us that you’re already well on your way!

Are you the right fit?

Looking for a tech cofounder to take your awesome idea from the dream stage to reality? Need some developers or programmers for your startup? Everyone knows at least one person with one of those ideas that should be turned into a product or service. Unfortunately, not everyone can get that idea off the ground and to market. That’s where we come in: we are your technical cofounder, web and app developers, and design team all rolled into one. Because we can’t take every great idea on, we have to be selective on who we can partner with. So, we’ve put together some KEY RESULT AREAS to help see if your startup/idea is a match for our team.

Proof in the Pudding

We have been fortunate enough to partner with these great startups and idea creators to help guide them to success. Each is in a different stage of the process but all are partners we’re fortunate enough to work alongside. See some of those listed below:


A concise spoken language that lets you write code and control your computer in real-time, all with your voice.

View Website
acquisition in discussion


A live camera feed app that empowers pet owners with the knowledge needed to make the best decisions for their pets.

View Product


Pair the right fish every time. Taking the homework out of Aquarium building with the world's first fish pairing app.

View Product
acquisition in discussion


Customize your own social network. ExistSocial is a white label social network tailor fit to your needs.

View Website
launching soon

If you fulfill these requirements, we’d love to learn about your startup. Let’s connect and get this party started!

“Working with Codera has changed my life forever. They not only helped my startup succeed but were there every step of the way to coach and mentor me. They go the extra mile and care about the PERSON they're working with more than the JOB.”
Nathan Bopp
Co-Founder  |  AquaBuildr


Want to get the ball rolling? Contact us today to see how we can help bring your dreams to life. OR, contact us if you’d like to partner with us on one of our listed ideas / startups above. There’s always something exciting to be part of at Codera.
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