Ben Meyer

Director of Engineering

With 13 years of professional software development experience across a diverse range of industries, Ben is a true software artisan. Ben uses his remarkably broad, even eclectic combination of skills to see both the "big picture" as well as the "nuts and bolts" that bring ideas to fruition. Software engineering and architecture, analyzing and choosing the right technologies, and building scalable solutions that truly meet customers' needs is what Ben loves to do.

A serial-entrepreneur since he was a kid, Ben started teaching piano and drum lessons at the age of 13, started college (and computer programming) at 15, opened a professional audio-production and recording studio at 18, and has been writing code, advising startups, getting a computer science degree, working with billion-dollar companies, and hacking on amazing tech ever since. If you need someone who seriously understands the technology landscape on all levels - Ben is that guy.

Writing and playing music, learning new things
“Even the most complex systems imaginable can be broken down into achievable, understandable components - complexity is just disguised simplicity.”


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